"Team of Iceland Unlimited recommends all travelers and especially families to visit this spectacular museum"

Whales of Iceland Museum in Reykjavik


Iceland Unlimited team visited Whales of Iceland museum in Reykjavik, the largest whale exhibition in Europe. We were fascinated by the mightiness of these massive animals and by the great exhibition itself.  The employee of this museum kindly greeted us and gave a short tour of the museum. He told us everything we needed to know and showed us where you can see the route that some whales go.

This is a modern museum offering to download an app that will guide you through the whales exhibition. You can download the app on App Store and Google play to be already prepared before your visit. The app is called “Whales of Iceland”. In the museum you will also have an opportunity to put on Samsung Gear VR and join a virtual reality, where you can swim with the whales.

Whales of Iceland
Whales of Iceland


                                                                                             Incredible Whales of  Iceland species

In the museum you will see 23 life size replicas of the whales surrounding Iceland. You will be surprised by how large they actually are! These 23 whales represent the whales you can see around Iceland. The whales are from 3-5 meters to 33 meters long!

The Whales of Iceland museum is not only modern, but also very educational. You can learn a lot about the Minke Whales while reviewing their brain, mouth, heart, baleen, senses & lungs, through a multi-user installation.

The other kind of whales that is represented in the museum is the Blue whale. They are the largest animals to ever have existed! The female whale weighs up to 190 tons and is 33 meters long. The male weighs about 160 tons and is 28 meters long and they can live up to 90 years.

There are other smaller whales in this museum such as the Sperm whale which lives up to 60-70 years. The females weigh 13 tons and are 11 meters long while the males weigh 45 tons and are 16 meters long.

Whales of Iceland

Team of Iceland Unlimited recommends all travelers and especially families to visit this spectacular museum where you will get to know the giants of the sea. We are convinced that this is a great place to explore during your stay in Reykjavík and therefore we offer all our winter self-drive guests a free entrance to the museum. For the ones who wish to see these animals live, we recommend trying a whale watching tour on the boat. We wish you a great Whales of Iceland experience!

Guðrún Halla Friðjónsdóttir

Posted in September 2016